How Forma Spazi was created

Forma Spazi was born out of My Ego’s long experience in the conference field. The agency operates by following a socioeconomic model based on people’s needs: a project in which economic value marries the social dimension.

The team is composed of people who, despite having different experiences and life stories, are deeply united and collaborate by following virtuous processes that lead to increased productivity and a higher level of well-being in the work environment.

The center is founded on a principle of social but also environmental sustainability. We pay utmost attention to ecological issues, reducing environmental impact in the delivery of our services.

A responsible investment in the future, which concerns us all.

About us

About us

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Froma Spazi for the Environment

We promote a cultural transformation in the way services are delivered. Attention to the environment and social responsibility, then, through a series of concrete actions that can foster awareness of these major issues. With pride, Forma Spazi today provides its customers with:

  • Differentiated waste collection in every hall
  • Catering with km0 products
  • Organic single-use materials for catering services
  • Water dispensers in each room to avoid the use of plastic bottles
  • Notepads produced with 100% recycled paper and bound as part of a social redevelopment project inside the Genoa Prison
  • Pens produced with cardboard and recycled plastic components
  • Espresso coffee machines with biodegradable pods

This is our way of looking to the future.


We are a team that has been passionately involved in high-end Meeting Business for 25 years. It is our interest to make your events moments of sharing and focus on your work, thanks to our precise organization and continuous on-site support, both technical and personal.
The team is composed of deeply united people who collaborate by following virtuous processes geared toward increasing productivity with natural elevation of the level of well-being in the work environment.
All this makes our services professional, punctual and comprehensive in every aspect, aimed at a carefully selected clientele.

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Patrizia Bitti

Head of Project

Valter Bartoloni

Business Development

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Associated Partner

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Operation Director

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Location Manager

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Account Manager

Francesca Cazzagon

Event Manager

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Event Manager Consultant

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Head of Finance

Marco Cerasoli

Logistic and Service Support

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Logistic and Service Support


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